How Pro Mujer Supports Micro Entrepreneurs’ Dream Homes

Published: Monday, July 18th, 2016 by Maria Cavalcanti


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As a non-profit, women’s development organization, one of Pro Mujer’s many goals is to help women achieve a better quality of life through access to financial services, education, training and health care. To further this goal, Pro Mujer recently added a new service to its offer in Nicaragua: housing loans.

Through Pro Mujer Nicaragua’s campaign “Mi Casa Linda” (in Spanish, my beautiful home) they aim to support underserved women when they want to make necessary improvements and expansions to their homes. Most of the time, this helps to alleviate overcrowding (often, several generations live under one roof), but the loan also offers the opportunity to build a new home for them and their families.

There are three levels of housing loans: one for small improvements, one for expansions and a third one for large buildings. Currently, this service is offered in León, Chinandega and Masaya, with plans to expand access to this service to the more than 29,000 women Pro Mujer serves in Nicaragua. Learn more in Spanish here.