Featured Member of the Month – Santiago Alban

Published: Wednesday, February 8th, 2017 by Tracy Factor

Santiago Alban

This month’s featured member is Santiago Alban (@salban), Chief of Staff at the Mayor’s Office of the Municipality of Quito, Ecuador.

Santiago is currently the Chief of Staff at the Mayor’s Office of the Municipality of Quito where he deals with urban planning, sustainable mobility, smart cities, public-private partnerships, among other areas.

Santiago was admitted to practice law in 2010 with a minor degree in Alternative Dispute Resolution Methods (Universidad San Francisco de Quito). His work experience includes the Metropolitan Municipality of Quito and private law firms in Ecuador.

He also holds a master degree in Public Affairs from Brown University where he was a Social Innovation Fellow at the Swearer Center, as well as a scholar from the top leading universities program (sponsored by the Secretary of Higher Education in Ecuador). In addition, Santiago is a Georgetown University Global Competitiveness and Leadership Program alum, he was awarded a full scholarship based on academic merit.

He has continuously published in a variety of media, including, local newspapers as well as regional magazines and contributed to press in Ecuador for political and educational analysis. Santiago is fluent in Spanish, English, French and Portuguese.

Learn more about Santiago Alban and the Municipality of Quito: