About Us

Developing Smart Cities’ online platform is a knowledge and networking initiative of Smart Cities Advisors to build a global community of practice to support and raise the visibility of exemplary urban social entrepreneurs, sustainable impact investment models and financial innovation for building and developing sustainable, inclusive – and smart – cities.

This site’s objective is to make information about best (and worst) practices, opportunities and challenges available to forward-thinking professionals, social enterprises and impact investors who are building affordable housing for low and moderate income populations, regenerating urban neighborhoods, and working to upgrade and redevelop central slums, informal settlements and other marginal zones in peri-urban and other marginal, vulnerable areas in emerging markets’ and developing economy cities.

Our vision is that progressive businesses, investors and citizen sector organizations, working with communities, cities, NGOs and other stakeholders, will accelerate the movement to improve the lives of lower and moderate income citydwellers in the rapidly growing cities of the developing world.

The portal is being developed as an online hub for:

  • information exchange
  • network building
  • capacity building
  • leadership development
  • knowledge creation
  • peer review
  • capital-raising

The features on this site will be providing revealing, actionable information and perspectives through:

  • featured profiles of leaders, enterprises and projects
  • expanded databases of projects and enterprises
  • targeted discussion forums on key topics
  • internal member messaging capabilities
  • guest blog spotlights on key pressing issues
  • online “conversations,” webinars, videos and presentations
  • competitions and prizes for multi-disciplinary, comprehensive, social enterprise approaches
  • technology tools to support urban social enterprises
  • individual blogs for registered individuals, enterprises and projects
  • wikis for key topics like sustainable materials and others

We welcome the opportunity to discuss projects and partnerships for site content. Contact us here to discuss opportunities.