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Welcome to Developing Smart, the site for double and triple bottom line urban entrepreneurs in affordable housing and urban regeneration. These help links will show you how to manage basic activities on the DSC site. A directory of these links is available on the right menu.

The links below give a quick overview of how to get the most out of the site. Learn how to:

Add Your Enterprises and Projects To Our Databases

Developing Smart Cities makes it easy for you to add your enterprise and sustainable projects to our website.

Add a Project

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Find Other Projects, Enterprises and Professionals with Similar Missions Globally

Find and easily connect with similar projects, enterprises, and professionals around the globe.

Project and enterprise profiles feature valuable information about our members’ work, track records, project status and social and environmental performance. Discover the people and enterprises behind a particular project and connect your enterprise, your projects and your teams.

Green Valley Community

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Identify Inclusive and Sustainable Enterprise Models and Learn How They Work

Our Features pages go in depth on the leaders, organizations, cities, projects and trends that are driving affordable housing and urban regeneration innovation. Check out the Blog for higher frequency updates.

Enterprise Model Post

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Reach Out To Other Professionals In Your Field

Let other members know about your work, build your professional network and make connections on our People pages.

DSC People Page

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Get Involved and Get Answers To Your Questions

Join groups and get into the discussions on our Sharespaces page. The Challenges and Solutions groups is a space for posting sponsored or specific challenges to a wider audience.

DSC Sharespaces Page

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