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Developing Smart Cities features double and triple-bottom line urban enterprises that incorporate social and environmental benefits in their enterprise model on our main Enterprises page.

This guide will show you everything you need to know about DSC Enterprises. Learn how to:

Begin your DSC journey with the help of our Quick Start video that takes you on a basic tour on accessing the website and adopting an existing enterprise:

Create An Enterprise

DSC makes creating an enterprise easy with seamless and guided steps. We’ve provided two ways to access Add an Enterprise page:

  1. At your personal Profile page
  2. At the main Enterprises page


Member Widget


  • Navigate to your personal Profile page. In the upper right hand side menu, click the My Profile link.
  • Click the Create New Enterprise button.

Profile Page - Create New Enterprise Button



  • Navigate to the main Enterprises page.
  • Click the Create New Enterprise button located at the top of the page.
Create New Enterprise Button

Once you’re redirected at the Add An Enterprise page:

  • Enter all the necessary company information on Step 1.
  • On Step 2, enter your company address to appear as a map on your Enterprise page.
  • Step 3 lets you upload your company logo and additional resource files.
  • Acknowledge the website’s Terms of Use.
  • Click Submit button.

NOTE: Our team will review and approve your submission shortly.

Adding an enterprise is easy. Watch the video below.

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Edit Your Enterprise

To edit, update, and/or review a list of Enterprises that you’ve created or belong to:

My Enterprises Widget

  • Navigate to your personal Profile page by clicking on the link on the right hand menu.
  • Click the enterprise name listed under My Enterprises located on the right hand menu.
  • If the enterprise is not listed on the sidebar, click the Enterprises tab on your profile sub-menu. This will show all enterprises connected to your profile.

Profile Enterprises Tab

  • Find the enterprise you’d like to update.
  • Click the Edit button to display the Edit Enterprise form as shown below.
  • Update your enterprise and click the Save button at the bottom of the form.

Edit Enterprise Form

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Adopt Your Own Enterprise or Connect to Another Enterprise

Developing Smart Cities has curated hundreds of sites. Your own site may already be on the platform. In this case, you can go directly to your enterprise page using the search functions and adopt your member profile from the site administrators.

Adopting your enterprise allows you to:

  1. Invite other team members,
  2. Upload photos and share resources,
  3. And update your enterprise’s information.

Enterprise People Section

To adopt or connect your member profile to an existing enterprise page:

  • Navigate to the main Enterprises page.
  • Filter the lists according to Enterprise Type, Sector, or Country.
  • Or search for your enterprise using the search bar located at the top of the page.
  • Click the enterprise link to go to the enterprise profile page.
  • Find the People section at the middle column.
  • Click the Connect to Enterprise button.

Connect to Enterprise Popup

  • Select whether you’re a Sponsor, Executive, Architect, Engineer, Consultant, Staff, or a Follower.
  • Click the Request Administrative Access if you have access rights to manage your enterprise’s online profile.
  • Click the Request Connection button.
  • The enterprise’s administrator will approve your request shortly.

The process is also illustrated on the Quick Start video on the top of this guide.

NOTE: Search for your enterprise first before creating/submitting a new enterprise to prevent duplicate enterprise profiles on our directory.

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