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    Added by Winnie BEYEME on March 9, 2016

    MILLINENIUM IMMOBILIER has for main activity the real-estate development. It is committed on real estate projects integrating methods of construction in sustainable development process. Beyond this activity, it is producer and supplier of building materials and internal/external arrangement material.

  • General Architecture Collaborative, Inc.

    Added by yutaka sho on November 9, 2015

    Our mission is to bring the value of good design to those with little or no access to it.

    At the core of this mission is a belief in the importance of research and craft in the design process and the value of sharing of that knowledge and experience with others. Founded in 2008, GA Collaborative is a non-profit collaborative group of designers, practitioners, and educators with expertise in architectural design, landscape design, industrial design, and the visual arts. We have been involved with projects in Albania, Bangladesh, Burundi, Haiti, Rwanda, Sudan, and the U.S. that range in scale, program, and complexity with this mission in mind.

    We work with partners on projects that can have an intelligent and sustained impact on communities, and the individuals most in need of productive spaces and design foresight. To this end, we work with communities and organizations to find appropriate funding, develop design methodologies, and create strategies for sustainable growth.