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  • R+EVOLUTION Capital Africa

    Added by Christopher Jannou on July 18, 2016

    R+EVOLUTION Capital is a private investment group active in the emerging markets of Africa. The group is particularly focused on high growth sectors driven by strong demand generators: surging middle classes, urbanization and infrastructure development, to name a few. Investments are always anchored by next-generation business models that emphasize sustainability, profitability and scalability.

    R+EVOLUTION Capital investments to date include:

    • hospitality/hotels
    • mass housing
    • commercial real estate
    • branded real estate
    • media

    In a short but dedicated span, the company has developed a reputation for securing and financing projects across Southern Africa and developing key relationships. It’s partners, clients and affiliates include Fortune 500 companies, pension funds, sovereign governments and multi-national corporations. With offices and affiliates in five sub-Saharan African countries, our ‘boots on the ground’ approach to project development gives us a unique reach into these markets.

    R+EVOLUTION was founded by Manhattan native Christopher Jannou, an award-winning producer, author and investor. Jannou’s first book The Internationalists: Globalization, the Age of Information and the Developing World Ascent was released March 2016.